2017 publication

Below is the table of contents for the just-published collection of essays from a Sept. 2016 conference at London’s German Historical Institute. The event was very productive for promoting dialogue among the invited researchers, but we want to open up the debate. The publication will, we hope, spark a broader set of discussions. Please feel free to join our debates online.

Three Amsterdamnified team members have essays in the collection:

  • Gary Waite, “The Drama of the Two-Word Debate among Liberal Dutch Mennonites, ca. 1620-1660: Preparing the Way for Baruch Spinoza?”
  • Mirjam van Veen, “Dutch Anabaptist and Reformed Historiographers on Servetus’ Death: Or How the Radical Reformation Turned Mainstream and How the Mainstream Reformation Turned Radical”
  • Mike Driedger, “Against ‘the Radical Reformation’: On the Continuity between Early Modern Heresy-Making and Modern Historiography”



2017 publication
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