Brookelnn Cooper

Brookelnn Cooper is studying toward an MA with Prof. Mike Driedger at Brock U. As part of her first MA Co-op work term (spring and summer 2017) she will be doing research in Amsterdam for the Amsterdamnified Project, and for her own MRP (major research paper).

Brookelnn’s current research focuses on trans-national communication networks in Europe. As a case study she is examining the printed works of John Canne (unknown-1667), an Englishman printing for the Puritan cause in both London and Amsterdam. In the context of seventeenth-century English Puritanism, and the political instability produced by the English Civil Wars and the Interregnum, Canne actively participated in the ferment of the turbulent period through his printing of radical texts at home and abroad – i.e. his separatists works like His Necessity of Separation (1634). Whenever the English tightened their controls on the press, Canne would find his way to Amsterdam, where he enjoyed the use of a relatively free press. Texts that were censored in neighbouring states were available in the Dutch Republic, often smuggled via extensive trading routes to the country of origin, giving rise to a flourishing exile printing trade. An account of Canne’s work and his movements will aid the understanding of complex early-modern trans-nation communication networks and their impacts.

Brookelnn Cooper

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